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Poetry: Blog

I'm here for you

Now until forever

Divine perfection

Stimulating persona

Love.... inevitable

An incredible feeling

And at the ceiling

We shall find bliss

Sealed with an "I Do"

Than, a kiss


This is real

I feel

The light of God



I'm here for you

Now until forever

Divine Perfection

Stimulating Persona

Love...… Inevitable


In my mind...

I was the man


Free Grad School

An overall loving person

I thought I was in a great place

That I was doing well

And though I was

The entire time....

I experienced great pain

I wasn't loving myself

I didn't love myself

I couldn't see that others loved me

Didn't see myself as someone worthy of love

Knowing about God wasn't enough for me

I finally had to break...

I had to feel pain that only love could restore

True love

Self love

So that I can spread love

God's love

Thank You




"I know what I'm bout to do is wrong

But imma go head n' do it anyway"

Kind of sin

That's what I'm talking about

I'm done with that

I ain't got time to argue with folks

It literally would never end

I've done read enough

And lived enough

To know what I'm suppose to be doing

To all my brothers and sisters...

I know we wont all agree on what is and isn't a sin

You know what though

That's okay

Do whatever you feel called to do

I just hope that the Holy Spirit is the one on the other end of the line.

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