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"I know what I'm bout to do is wrong

But imma go head n' do it anyway"

Kind of sin

That's what I'm talking about

I'm done with that

I ain't got time to argue with folks

It literally would never end

I've done read enough

And lived enough

To know what I'm suppose to be doing

To all my brothers and sisters...

I know we wont all agree on what is and isn't a sin

You know what though

That's okay

Do whatever you feel called to do

I just hope that the Holy Spirit is the one on the other end of the line.

A part of being a human being

For me at least

Is recognizing my sinful desires

(Which come naturally by the way)

And learning not to act on them

Learning that true happiness comes through following the will of God

But why is this?

What's the point of suppressing what feels so natural?

What even is sin?

Who get's to determine that?

Is it different for everybody?

I'm lost ya'll

I don't have the answers

I was (and still am) under the impression that the bible is the holder of truth

What truth exactly?

Hell if I know

But, I do know that personally

It feels really good to recognize sin

Look it dead in the eye

And say, Not Today Satan!

But why though?

Why not let Satan win?

I've done it before

So, why fight?

Are others fighting?

Like, really fighting?

Does it matter if you fight or not?

Alright, I'm done

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

I wonder what it would be like

If we were free like

Birds and sea life

Would be nice

We need life

The real type

But never


We tried it

Denied it



The real life

That ain't right

But that's just

What we do

The people

The sequel

Iv'e seen it

I've seen this

I've done it

I'm done with

The fakeness

I hate this

I hate you

But love you

I'm called too

It's so true

What we do

We need to

Just wake up

And live life

Like sea life

And children

So freely

And happy

But we be

So sadly

Afraid to

Just let go

Please let go

Believe me

It's truly


Hear what I'm saying?

I wonder what it would be like

If we were free like.....

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