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I've done some bad things

Many bad things

I'm hurting because of this

Though I know that everything will be alright

Right now




I do not understand the life of a sinner

Who enjoys sin

This is not the way for me

This is hell on earth

A lesser version of myself

I honestly feel sick

Unworthy of your mercy

Your forgiveness

Such a sinful world we live in

Without you

I fall

I'm weak

And I know it

If things get worse than this....

They can't get worse

They can...

I just won't be having any part of it

I simply can't take it anymore


I choose happiness

I'm tired of writing about this

But not living this

Because the other side leads to pain

Real pain

And it can get bad....


No more

I choose happiness

Use my sins

My pain

My sorrow

Use them

Learn from them

I know I have.

If I feel the need to write about this again

My soul has been compromised....

If you do not understand the importance of these words.



You win.

And me.


Ladies and Gentlemen

I choose happiness

The End.

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

One final poem

Before death

I've known you for a long time

You've taken residence in my mind for way too long

But yet

You've made me who I am today

Duality at it's finest

And so.....

No resentment is held

Thank you for revealing your true self

The correlation between you

The mind


And soul.

Once dead

Always dead

What was

Is no more


As God has promised

I shall have eternal life through him

This is the life I wish to have

Tonight, we grieve




Give your life to God

All of it

Don't hold onto any of it

Put your life into his hands


Fully Commit

Usually life isn't so black and white

But this

This is the only way

HE is the only way

This isn't a poem

It's a plea

So please


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