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Poetry: Blog

Sometimes I walk with the Devil

He's a friend of mine

Well, friend may not be the correct term

But, were defiantly quite acquainted with one another

Been this way for a while now

God doesn't approve


In reality

I don't either


Very soon

He will be no more

A past presence in my life

That's the plan

He's no good

But needed

For now at least

Once deleted

It will be permeate

A glorious life shall be lived

I know this is wrong

You do too

Life at it's finest

Can't deny it

Not a good guy at all

But I'll stand tall


Yearning for what was is futile

Change is the only constant in life

With that being said.....

Can't help but to observe this current reality

And think that we may have taken things a bit too far

The big picture has been lost

Physical things catered to each person

Social savvy a thing of the past

The standard has been lowered

Spiritual connection has all but vanished

Passionate about all of the wrong things

There is no one present to motivate

To inspire


There are some of us left

But our voices become dimmer by the day

On second thought

I'm pretty sure things have always been this way

I guess the more things change

The more things stay the same

Can I go home yet?

Is being happy for others truly that difficult?

Yupp, sho' is





Others success exposes your own lies

The lies you've been telling yourself

That's blocking your true success

But that ain't my fault

Why hate?

I'm tryna educate

I am a teacher after all

Among other things

Point is...

Embrace that uncomfortable feeling successful people give you

Humble yo' self


Ya might learn a thing or two

About what true success really is

(P.s. Success can't be judged through material things..... ya dummy)

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