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Stories From Solemn

I am exactly where I am suppose to be

I have to remind myself of this fact everyday

It is so easy to feel inadequate

Self-esteem issues still linger from a childhood

Filled with disappointment and rejection.

A mutual desire is what I long for

No more settling

No more thoughts that I’m not worthy

That I’m not good enough

I can accomplish anything

Today represents the best I’ve ever been

When I compare me to me

I am succeeding


I know my worth

I am exactly where I am suppose to be

A change is needed

Re-defining the strategy for success

Not re-defining

More like fine tuning


A change is needed

I believe that my “time” will inevitably come

That believe is the thing that keeps me on this earth

Every day

Something happens that lets me know that I’m on the right path

God speaks, and I listen

I am doing his work

Fulfilling my purpose

Impacting the lives of many

In a positive way

I will be patient


And discipline

I put my life in HIS hands

One must fall in love with the journey

Duality is a law of nature

With that being said

What good is life without you?