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Breaking Barriers

So afraid of showing emotion

History repeating itself

But this time around

The villain is played by yours truly

At least that's the scenario in your mind

Never mind the fact that personally

I've given you no reason to doubt my authenticity

I'm a guy

And that's reason enough

I understand the logic, I do

To judge and assume using past experiences

Comes standard with every human with a heartbeat

Opportunity takes a backseat

Fear is riding shotgun for this journey

But I'd rather be shot with a shotgun

Than to know that I have no chance with you

All due to the demons suffocating your happiness

Are you not worthy of someones unconditional love?

Has the idea of finding true love vanished from your reality?

I doubt it

You've found it

And with some honest convo

A few things we let go

Who knows

This could be a forever kind of thing

Only one way to find out...