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The Key

You can't stop negative, damaging thoughts from entering your brain 

What you do once they arrive 

Now that's the part you get to control 

But, if true happiness and fulfillment is what you seek 

You'd let the Holy Spirit control you 

You know...... 

Love thy neighbor,

Turn the other cheek,

All that Jazz

Seems pretty outdated, I know 

Especially in this "Do what thou wilt" world of the 21st century 

Hear me out though.... 

Does doing what's right ever go out of style? 

Spoiler alert... It doesn't 

The formula for salvation stays unchanged 

And salvation just so happens to be the key to true happiness and fulfillment 

All starts with how you deal with those negative, damaging thoughts that will inevitably come 

The more you know.... 

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