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Potential vs. Reality

Anything is possible

All goals are achievable

I see these as universal facts

But, the fact of the matter is

The majority of folks will never achieve their full potential

Far from it....

But, in a world set up to provide this exact outcome

Is it truly their fault?

No answer to provide

Just another question

How does one decide what's good and what's bad?

I'm guessing it's somewhere between The Bible and The Illuminati

With the latter playing a more dominate role as we grow older

For, if it were the other way around

I hypothesize that a larger percentage of society would be fulfilling their true potential

I'm sure that it's not that simple

Or, maybe it is

Us humans tend to complicate things

Not eating the fruit.....

It's to boring


You've got to live a little!


But, a life where you're not fulfilling your higher purpose...

Is that really a life worth living?

Humans do have a higher purpose, do we not?

More questions without answers, I know

I apologize

All I know...

Is that I would love to see a world of enlightened individuals

People living as their best self

Their highest self

But unfortunately,

An inner part of me knows this will never happen

Human nature won't allow it

Though the potential is there

The majority of us will succumb to the forces that be

And will live a mediocre, unfulfilled life

Maybe eating the fruit isn't quite worth it after all

C'est la vie