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Stayin Strong

No need to force things

Not when your in sync with the creator

It's difficult, I know

Your're gonna fail a few times

Staying in sync is a full time commitment

It requires constant energy

And can be extremely draining

Until its not

Eventually it will become second nature

At least, that's what I'm hoping

Haven't quite gotten to that point yet

The destination is clear

Getting there, however...

Quite the tall task indeed

But I'm not the one to start something without finishing

Not this..

I know what's right

I swear, I do

But I don't always act in a way that reflects this

I'm weak

And constantly forgetting to ask for strength

My ultimate goal can only be achieved one way

Through God

All other tasks become irrelevant

Material things don't heal a broken soul

Nor do mindless distractions

Many things I currently associate with pleasure



They mean nothing

How easy it is to be fooled


Completely lost

I know this place well

A temple for the content

The shallow

The person unwilling to change

To surrender

To acknowledge their true purpose

And recognize there is only one way to achieve this

How many men will fall short?


But not I

I refuse

Through God, all is possible

Through God, all is possible

Through God, all is possible

Do you have faith?

Are you willing to give up your earthly life,

And surrender to his will?

Only time will tell.

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