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Only A Day Away

An ongoing cycle of damaging actions

Do I know better...

Hell Yeah!

Do I act better


See, what had happened was

The way my brain is set up

I'm pretty sure I'm in love with self inflicted misery.


Of course not

God is stronger than that.

I just don't listen to him.

I don't allow him to work through me

This is the part where I'd usually make up an excuse

Human nature...

Social Programming...

El Diablo.

But, the fact is...

Following God will always leave "Forbidden Fruit"

And I haven't yet mastered the art of overcoming this temptation.

For me...

Salvation will "start tomorrow, I swear"

Then tomorrow comes.

As for salvation...

Not quite.

An ongoing cycle of damaging actions

But, fear not

With the help of the one above

This ultimate goal will finally be realized

Starting tomorr....

Starting right now.