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The Poem About Nothing

This poem doesn't mean a damn thing

I just felt the urge to write

Despite the fact that a true topic eluded me

Please excuse me

I don't mean to waste your time

With pointless rhymes


To persuade your mind

That this man that you see on stage is capable of producing such,

Beautiful words

Cause really,

I'm absurd

I promise you


This poem doesn't mean a damn thing

Dr King

Let freedom ring

Don't know what that means

Just sounded nice

Got a list,

Check it twice

I bring the gift

Of lyrical nonsense

My conscious

Is on a higher level

Than most folks

I don't gloat

My momma raised me better than that

In fact

She's a queen to me

I better be

About something

As for this poem though,

It doesn't mean a damn thing

I'm sorry man

What can I say

If you decide to tune me out

I get it

Don't sweat it

I won't let it

Get to me

I'm the man I'm suppose to be

Living life righteously