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Another black man dead due to excessive violence

A racist with power

A corrupt system

But, here's the thing....

If we want to stop getting killed by the folks in power

Maybe we should work harder to break free of the world "They" created for us

And start building a new world

A world where we are free from their power and influence.

Because in their world...

They can kill us, and nothing will happen


In their world...

Even when the cops don't kill us

They lock us up at a higher rate than any other race

In their world...

Having an underachieving, underfunded school system is the norm

Really, it's a requirement

Because in their world...

They don't want us to be educated


Free Thinking

They promote their agenda on us

They have kids dancing to a number one song called savage

The phrase "demon time" becomes normal

In their world...

We kill each other WAAAAAAAY more than they kill us

And that's exactly what they want

In their world...

They give you room to be angry

Voice your opinion

You can even protest

You can do whatever you want

Just as long as, at the end of the day

You return right back to their world

You listen to their music

You watch their media

You consume their messages

But how do you know what's coming from them?


If it ain't spreading love and positivity

Chances are "They" have had an influence in it

So, to pull it all together...