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As It Was In The Beginning...

Fully putting your faith in God ain't easy

Like, not at all

It even seems straight up foolish at times

Doesn't make it less right though

Following God's will is clearly the right answer

But, my gosh...

Living that life ain't easy

I'd argue it's one of the most difficult things for a human to do

If not #1

How many men have truly slain their demons

A rare feat indeed...

God liberated his people from Egypt

Displaying his true power on many occasions

All reason to doubt should have been eliminated

But yet...

Not even Moses made it into the promise land

And those that did make it quickly fell...


Cause fully putting your faith in God ain't easy

Like, not at all

Good thing we have Jesus as an example though

Now that guy...

He did things the right way

We should take the phrase "What Would Jesus Do" a bit more serious

Cause honestly, if we do that

The world would 100% be a better place

Loving one another unconditionally

Putting our faith in God

That's the answer

Always has been

Always will be

But, my gosh

Living that type of life ain't easy at all

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