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The Finisher

I've done some bad things

Many bad things

I'm hurting because of this

Though I know that everything will be alright

Right now




I do not understand the life of a sinner

Who enjoys sin

This is not the way for me

This is hell on earth

A lesser version of myself

I honestly feel sick

Unworthy of your mercy

Your forgiveness

Such a sinful world we live in

Without you

I fall

I'm weak

And I know it

If things get worse than this....

They can't get worse

They can...

I just won't be having any part of it

I simply can't take it anymore


I choose happiness

I'm tired of writing about this

But not living this

Because the other side leads to pain

Real pain

And it can get bad....


No more

I choose happiness

Use my sins

My pain

My sorrow

Use them

Learn from them

I know I have.

If I feel the need to write about this again

My soul has been compromised....