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What's The Point ?

A part of being a human being

For me at least

Is recognizing my sinful desires

(Which come naturally by the way)

And learning not to act on them

Learning that true happiness comes through following the will of God

But why is this?

What's the point of suppressing what feels so natural?

What even is sin?

Who get's to determine that?

Is it different for everybody?

I'm lost ya'll

I don't have the answers

I was (and still am) under the impression that the bible is the holder of truth

What truth exactly?

Hell if I know

But, I do know that personally

It feels really good to recognize sin

Look it dead in the eye

And say, Not Today Satan!

But why though?

Why not let Satan win?

I've done it before

So, why fight?

Are others fighting?

Like, really fighting?

Does it matter if you fight or not?

Alright, I'm done