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Writing Our Story

Have you ever met someone where you thought


Together... we can change the world

We can inspire people to live their greatest life

All while cultivating a passionate love and affection for one another

Now that...

That's what I call, Poetic Perfection

I've never quite had this perspective on life

Never thought such a story was truly attainable

I was fully prepared to settle, and that's real....

But now...

Now, I'm ready

Ready to receive this blessing

And conscious enough to understand that I am, indeed, deserving.

Like really though...

What couldn't we accomplish?

Our creative creations could reach people in all nations

And our family...

A legendary showcase of strength, power, and genuine love.

Pretty sure they call that Black Excellence

This is the story I see whenever I see you.

And luckily, we're both amazing writers

I know this story in intriguing to you...

And honestly, there's only one question that remains...

And you ready to start writing?

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